Kent Chevallier - Vie/Fit

From Burnout to Wellness


Following years of competing in rock climbing at a national and international level, Kent was left with an overtrained body and multiple injuries.


This happened mostly because of a lack in support to regulate intense training.


Since then, Kent has always been curious and passionate about the balance between performance and cultivating a healthy mind and body.


  • Certificate in Fitness

  • Bachelor of Applied Sciences specializing in sport and exercise science

  • First aid Certificate



In the later stages of his education Kent spent a lot of time working within the industry with different coaches in the endurance sport realm. These experiences defined his values as a coach.

Honesty – Simplicity – Trust – Communication – Sustainability



The goal of Viefit coaching is providing the opportunity to incorporate physical activity into your current lifestyle, using simple strategies to create healthy habits and improve your overall health and wellness.

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