How can I start working with you?

Get in touch and we can arrange your first meeting!

Email: Viefitcoaching@gmail.com

Phone: 02108673093

What should I prepare for my initial consultation?

Complete the PAR-Q and the Client introduction form. This way when the meeting start we can get straight to the point and give you as much value as possible.

How can Viefit help me become healthier?

Kent has experience in a variety of sport and outdoor recreation activities such as running, rock climbing, cycling, sport specific strength and conditioning, bodyweight training and many more. 

Viefit can also help with nutrition, recovery and sport psychology to bring you a complete package that will help you reach your health and fitness goals. 

Why choose Viefitcoaching?

Kent's approach to exercise is to focus on key aspects that make the most difference in improving health and developing fitness. 

By using qualitative data we ensure your health is the priority. Exercise should be FUN, SAFE and SUSTAINABLE!

Let's work together and build an exercise lifestyle that works for you!